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Everyone has a story

Page history last edited by Tammy Gillmore 12 years, 10 months ago


Objective: To tell the story waiting within you.

Purpose: to tell YOUR story. What story will you tell? How much of the story will you tell?

  • This is a gift that you, the writer, will present to your intended audience at the end of school.

Audience: you choose


How football became your passion
Your dad
Why your best friend is your best friend
Your best friend
Why you appreciate your family pride
Your mom/dad


Definitions to know:

  • Vignette
  • Memoir

Grammar Considerations:

  • Dialogue...and punctuation of
  • Details, details, details...start by utilizing appositives!

YOU, the writer:

  • Your voice
  • Your point-of-view


  • Blog posts?
  • A Penzu document?
  • Google Documents?
  • Google Presentation?
  • Save by chapter?


1st Nine Weeks
2nd Nine Weeks
3rd Nine Weeks
4th Nine Weeks
Select audience.
Write four chapters.
Write four chapters.
Select a minimum of ten chapters to include in your novel.
Choose purpose.
Of course, you may choose to write more than four!
Of course, you may choose to write more than four!
Add pictures.
Play with font.
Yes, work on presentation.
Create a section in your Writer's Notebook for this topic.

ALWAYS be editing, revising = PROOFING!
Write four chapters.

Print, bind, PUBLISH!


Mrs. Gillmore's Stories:
Shhh...these are secrets! I do not want these people to know that I am writing their...ooops, my story about us. REMEMBER: this is a gift for your audience.

Story 1A

Story 2A



Story 3B

Holly's Adventure

My Parents' Story

My Rock

My Late Friend

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