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Materialism Thematic Unit

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Core Text:  The Great Gatsby


Author Information:

Writing Assignments:


Research Paper



PhotoStory/MovieMaker Project





Letter from Gatsby...based on Chapters 1-5


Final Essay: 



Chapter Assignments

  • Pre-Reading Activity:  Research Rip Roarin' '20's
  • Chapter 1 characterization.doc
    • One person needs to "share" the Google Doc that I shared with all of you.
      • Click  "File"...."Make a copy." 
    • Characterize your assigned character on the Google Doc that your team member shared with your group.
    • Each person should add his/her initials to the information you provided.
    • Present your character to the class. 
  • Chapter 2 color.doc:  Gather color data on this form.
    • Group Assignment:  
      • For your assigned color(s), prepare a presentation for the class.
        • List of colors here
        • Research your color.  
        • Insert a link to your sources about color within your presentation. 
        • Include a reference to your color's use with The Great Gatsby
        • Include at least one advertisement that references/uses your color(s).
        • LAST SLIDE:  Must be your "Works Cited" slide.  You may use Easy Bib to create your entries
  • Chapter 3 Create a Map of the Setting.doc
  • Chapter 3:  "Draw" Gatsby.  Inserts quotes/summaries to support the following questions.
    • Head:  What does he think?
    • Mouth:  What does he say?
    • Arms/hands:  What does he do?
    • Heart:  What does he feel?
    • Legs:  Where does he go? 
  • Chapter 4:  What's in a Name? 
  • Chapter 5:  Scene portrayal.
  • Chapter 6:
  • Chapter 7:
  • Chapter 8:
  • Chapter 9:  Character Poem




Additional Readings






Short Stories

Other Essay/Projects Assignment Choices:

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